Welcome To My Personal Website! (whitetigerx2@mailcity.com)

Welcome to the home page of Abhijit Jiwa (Sanjeev) (e-mail: whitetigerx2@mailcity.com).

I hope this page will introduce me to you. I am a proffessional graphic designer & artist.But you dont need to be an artist to be friends. Get in touch, & if you like art, have a look at my paintings,sign the guest book, and hey "Welcome Aboard"!!

I started painting when I was 9 years old. My sister gifted me a set of oils, with those cute screwable brush sets! Ever since I've been hooked!My current favourite topics are,landscapes, wild-life,fantasy art, and southwest american art. I also do animation and 3d modelling , training.

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Fine Art Painting
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