Here's a collection of some of my works in art, graphics, 3d-modelling,and digital art

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Snow Leopard, oil painting on primed board.sold
zebra, oil painting style , executed totally in photoshop!

a sample of my digital abstracts

abstract art, digital.
digital abstract art.

pic of me taken in 1996.i look more beautiful than most girls,!!hehe
text effex in photoshop, i love creating these..

painting done using Procreate Painter7
text effex in photoshop.

art using painter7

photrealism, experiment in 3dsmax4
this was done in vue d'spirit4

vue d'spirit4
used 3dsmax3.1


logo design

i also design ads
illustration in photoshop

cover design for a manual
splash screen for a software cd

an old web design i did

illustration in photoshop
image editing , photoshop 7